I'm replacing some of my gear and selling the old. Shortly (in a few weeks) I shall have the following for sale:-

1) Two separate and identical external computer hard drive enclosures, with mains-sourced power supplies. Made in Germany (brand is Gericom) they are designed to stand vertically to take less desk space and maintain good cooling. Fed by USB2 and with two USB2 outlets. Four slots to read/write different formats of memory card simultaneously (including CF and SD). Hard drive inside each is a desktop (3.5") Hitachi 250gb hard drive. Drives have only ever been switched on and connected occasionally, as they have been used exclusively for backup. Perfect working order - I'm only replacing them as I'm getting a much larger e-SATA drive.

Offers from US$125 each.

2) One Canon S500 camera with Canon underwater housing. Camera has just been refurbished by Canon in the USA, including a new CCD/lens assembly, and takes superb 5mp pictures. Housing has been used once only (and was watertight) and is rated to 130ft. Camera comes with three rechargeable batteries and external (off camera) charger. Takes a CF memory card - a 1gb one is included. I am also including a leather case for the camera when in use on land.
I can show you lots of pictures taken on land and underwater with this camera and its predecessor housing.
Only being sold because I'm replacing it with a 15mp Canon G10 with its own underwater housing, and now I no longer run a dive centre I don't want to be awash in cameras!

Price for the pair (I won't split them) from US$225.

3) One Casio EX-Z55 5mp camera with Casio underwater housing. Actually a nicer camera to use than the Canon, but lower build quality and with marginally inferior pictures (relative to the Canon - they're still very good). Very easy camera to take good pictures with. Camera is in perfect working order except for one fault - I lost one of the screws securing the side. This does not affect use of the camera on land, but means that zoom is only partially available when the camera is in its housing. This has never worried me as I take all underwater pictures with the lens set as wide as possible. Despite this fault, which the camera has had for over two years, I have taken many hundreds of underwater pictures, and some of those have been published - it really does take good pictures. Camera has extraordinarily good battery life - I have done seven dives without recharging - so it's a bit redundant that it comes with several spare batteries! And an external charger. It takes SD memory cards (not SD-HC, so biggest you can use is 2gb) and I may include one. I sold a similar camera and housing a couple of months ago, and it's seeing intensive daily use at a dive centre elsewhere in Belize.

Again, I won't split them. Price for the pair from US$150.

4) Two identical 8.1mp Samsung Digimax L85 cameras. One is brand new and has never even been switched on, the other has been in use for about six months. Absolutely superb camera (it's the model Tacogirl uses for her blog, and lots of other people here also have them) with superb Schneider-Kreuznach lens normally only found on US$700+ cameras. Very reliable and robust ("traditional" appearance and nicely tactile), so long as you don't leave it lying in soft sand (Tacogirl) or go swimming with it (me). Takes very good pictures, and the best with onboard flash that I've ever seen. Sadly no underwater housing is available, though Tacogirl has a snorkelling bag she now keeps hers in on the beach! Unbelievably long battery life (several hundred pictures with flash), despite which I have some spare batteries. Charger plugs into the camera and takes a long time to recharge, so needs to be done when camera won't be needed for some hours. Uses SD card up to 2gb, probably included.
I may even hold back one of these as a spare, as they're now unobtainable and the replacement models don't come close in performance, nor do they have the same quality lens. But generally my G10 will replace them.

Brand new one priced from US$175, used one from US$150.

Contact me by PM. Note that most of these items won't be available until mid-February (when my replacements arrive).