Ahhhh, you message boarders, with picnics on the west side, your "last minute" sunset cruises and your cute little Valentine's Day dinner get togethers, lobster no less, and your witty little quips (the Bob, Ted, Alice thing and Aruba, Jamaica... still crack me up) . You are having WAY TOO much fun. You must know how many of us are just watching it all from the sidelines, jealous as heck, that we aren't on AC and part of it all.

But please keep it up because, although we know AC might not be perfect, it's darn close to it, and we all can live vicariously thru all of you. As you are munching on your freshly caught lobster, gazing at the moon rising over the reef on the 14th of February, please raise a toast to all who know how great you've got it. And PLEASE keep it up by having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!