Well, Ralph is off the hook, sort of as predicted by Godfrey Smith in his article: " The Juice and Biscuits Trial" ...

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Ralph Fonseca Vindicated in Magistrate's Court

[Linked Image] He was accused of the theft of $20 million in public funds, but today Ralph Fonseca walked out of Belmopan Magistrate’s Court clear of that charge. It was the conclusion of the preliminary inquiry into the charge where Magistrate Earl Jones had to determine if there was enough evidence to take the matter to the Supreme Court. In a very brief judgement issued this morning, Earl Jones found that there was not sufficient evidence in the documents presented to the court to establish a prima facie case against Fonseca. With that, the case against him was discharged. And so, unlike his former Prime Minister Said Musa, Ralph Fonseca will not stand trial in the Supreme Court. Fonseca was relieved when he left the courtroom, but still had a few jabs for his opponents.

Ralph Fonseca, Cleared of Theft Charge

“Well it has to feel good. First of all I want to thank all the people that called and text and emailed and expressed their support for me I would like to offer them something. And those that didn’t, I’m busy. I will continue to pray for my enemies. From within and without, I think the people of Belize know what this case was all about and I am glad that justice has been served. I hope that our previous Prime Minister also gets cleared as quickly as is possible. I am also happy that the people that are involved with the case are now relieved of this because I can imagine the pressure that they were under and I thank the media in general for being fairly balanced as it relates to this, even if uncharacteristically so Jules. Thank you very much.”


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