We have some amazing pediatricians in the country. When my little David was ill, at deaths door actually, we went to Universal Health Services in Belize city and had 2 pediatricians on his case. One was an emergency care specialist and the other was a renal specialist - both of which we needed at the time. Once David was stablized we transported him to the US to a children's hospital in Tampa. The doctors there commended every move that the Belizean doctors had taken and told us that we should be aware that the docs in Belize had not only saved our baby's life, but taken the necessary steps to ensure that he would not suffer permanent damage to his brain, his kidneys and other organs.

Dr Rosado, the kidney specialist was in a tragic car accident and passed away a few years ago. What a great loss to this nation. Dr. Gringage continues to work in Belize and he has recently opened a pediatric specialty medical centre in the city. Dr Grinage comes to the island and works out of Dr. Giovanni's clinic.