I'm confused about a few things pertaining to Ambergris Caye. If I want to snorkel, do I always have to pay to take a boat out to some place or can one snorkel off of a beach? My husband and I want to visit in Feb. but I can't see having to rent a boat each time I want to snorkel. Can anyone answer this? Also, I've heard that Villas at Banyon is nice, but they are all two bedrooms. Anyplace next to Banyon that isn't so far from town that we couldn't bike it - right on beach, of course. Can individuals rent small boats and are there smaller islands to go see. Weve been to the Caymans snorkeling (very good) and the Abacos (just so-so). Is Ambergris a good spot to go to? Thanks for anyone who can help me.