Yes! Bring your fishing gear! I fished from shore very successfully on two previous visits. Plan to do it again a week from now. I fished for bonefish from the flats at the cut just north of San Pedro, from the beaches north of the cut and from the docks and beaches in toen and south of town. Caught bonefish just about anytime water conditions were right, any time of day...Water must be calm.

Fished for dinner using sardines purchsed at a bait shop immediately side of the airport. Fished from the beach and docks in town and on the south side of town beginning about 4:00 PM. We often cooked in the condo and found restaurants very willing to clean and serve my fish for about $5.00 per person. They were especially willing if I had a little extra fish that they could serve to others at full price.

There are many good guides and fishing from a boat is an option. I did it and enjoyed it although that tarpon still eludes me. You can fish for an hour or more anytime you feel like it with your own gear. By all means, do it!

Good luck!