OldBlue2...please feel free to elaborate on fishing from "beach". We're staying at Journey end in April. We plan on taking some organized fishing tours..but want to fish a lot by ourselves. It appears we can use canoes or kayaks and paddle out a bit to fish or fish back in the mangroves. I think this is near JER? We plan on taking medium poles with 20 lb. test for reef fishing (bringing a bunch of jigs...1/4 to 1 oz...and an assortment of lures. Also, figured we'd bring lighter equipment for spin fishing..maybe 8 to 10 lb. line...some smaller lures. I'd REALLY, REALLY appreciate as much info. as you feel like writing (you can e-mail me at [email protected])...or my son at [email protected] What's a rattletrap? What size jigs/gubs? What kind or reel, pole, line, etc. Bring 2 types and an assortment..I think we'll be fine..but we keep buying more lures...its a disease. Again, all info. will be greatly appreciated..Also would want to hear about your trip when you get back!! THANKS!