Hi Virginia- Yes, AC did receive a lot of wind damage to the foliage. Many stripped trees, etc, but many of the resorts have already done substantial replanting, and things are looking better all the time. The beaches on AC are not very plentiful- the only ones I saw were owned by Ramon's and Victoria House. I never actually laid out on one of their beaches, but doubt that anyone would have kicked me out of Ramon's, anyway. (We walked by there just about everyday on our way into town, and did try out of of their hammocks the last day on the island [Linked Image])
We stayed at the Belize Yacht Club thru a timeshare arrangement, but know they also rent rooms. I hear that they are quite expensive- you can likely do better, and stay someplace just as nice for less $$. Snorkeling is great- many shallow reefs close-by, but you do need to get there by boat. We went to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, and had a wonderful time, again with Amigos Del Mar. Great group! Chaa Creek was worth the money in my opinion- I wouldn't spend the extra bucks for dinners there every night, tho. They charged $26 US per person for dinners, and they weren't all that great, but the grounds are gorgeous, and I would take advantage of the amenities like guided birdwalks in the a.m., and a sunset canoe trip- both bargains at $12 US per person. We didn't go into Tikal because we had rented a car, and they won't let you take a rental over, but I've heard good things about the Chaa Creek excursion over there. Maybe you could make friends with another couple, and go in on the cost of the trip together- I think the fee is the same whether it's a single person or up to 4. Have a great time- hope I've been of some help!