I came home from work one night last summer and Dali was gone from my yard. I had her about 6 months, a boisterous little pittbull gal, who was happy and adored her home and her ma. I was broken hearted when I came home and she was not there, in her yard. I never believed she ran away, she was so happy to be off the street, and very young when I got her, I had her spayed and cleaned up and she was totally just a devoted friend. But after she disappeared I never heard one word about her. I thought she was gone for good.
Then last night my butt wiggling, tail wagging muscle rocket appeared dancing at the restaurant door just as we were unloading the last of the equipment. She knew exactly where she was, went straight to the fridge for dinner, got into the golfcart without protest, came up and flopped down to sleep in the doorway like she had never been gone. I would say she has not been living on the streets, she is not skinny or badly kept, though she has lots of ticks, is really dirty and has numerous abrasions and some downright ugly cuts. Her collar is gone, but she had been restrained if the missing flap of skin around her neck is any indication. It looks as though she ripped her head out of a noose or collar.
If someone found her and looked after her, I want to say thank you. If someone took her.....
This is a beautiful day in paradise. Thanks to everyone who kept and eye out for her and thanks to those who give their time and energy to our 4 legged friends.