Here is one that I have been making for 13 years. Yum.

Cut whole chicken into pieces, cut each breast in two. Remove skin.
Pour boiling water over chicken to clean. Squeeze lime and rub chicken. Remove liquid. Pat chicken dry

Season with worcestershire sauce, a little salt and blk pepper. 1/2 teaspoon tyme. 1/2 ball of recado (size of a walnut)disolved in hot water.

Rub into chicken well add garlic, onion, sweet peppers and carrots. One of each or to taste. I like lots

Let stand for 30 min or more.

Put oil into bottom of pan and brown chicken (removing as much veggies as possible) in hot oil. Remove all oil

Add the other half of recado dissolved in hot water and the veggies. Rinse bowl with water and add to pot. Stir to coat. Add chicken and cover with water just below chicken.

Add half pack of Melher Soup or Liptons Chicken Noodle or 1/2 pack of Maggi. Bring to a boil reduce to med/low and simmer covered about 20-25 min. After 15 min check water level to 1/2 -3/4

Can sub pork, beef or shrimp. Cooking times for shrimp much faster. Beef add 1 tablespoon of sugar to speed cooking .

Stew Beans

Soak red beans in 1 teaspoon baking soda and water overnight.
Rinse and cover with fresh water chopped garlic and onion simmer for long (worth it) time checking water to make sure beans are covered. Add coconut water when beans are done.

Served with white rice. Can make your own coconut milk by grading coconut, cover with a little water and squeeze out "milk" add to water for rice.

Turn on heat lamp, play some punta rock and close eyes and you may dream of Belize.