April 09, 2009

A fund raiser featuring entertainment by international artist Ernie Smith will be held in Progresso Village in the Orange Walk District. The Live Music Concert and Grand Easter Sunday Beach Party will provide funding for a village and beach beautification project. Love News spoke to Smith earlier today.

Ernie Smith; Musician
“It is a fund raiser for making bathroom facilities and beautification of the beach and putting in a tourism information center. It is also to set up an effective lobby to maintain the road. Belize is Mother Nature’s best kept secret and we are saying that Progresso is Belize’s best kept secret. The concert is backed by the Youth Connection Band. On Sunday it is starting at 10 o’clock and it will run till 8. There will be a bikini contest, a beer drinking contest, a watermelon eating contest so it will be a fun filled day. It is going to cost $10 per person. Children will be free and we are really looking forward to everybody coming out and supporting it.”

Smith and his wife Janet came arrived in Belize on Tuesday and they say that they are doing the concert because they love Belize and Progresso where they have had property since 2003. Smith’s wife tells us what can be expected at the concert.

Janet Smith; Ernie Smith’s Wife
“Ernie Smith at his best with his songs from his new CD and all the ones they have loved over the years like Pitta Pattta, Life is just for living, Sunday morning coming down, Elsaida and all those songs. The new songs that we will be performing are doing really well all over the world like; that’s the kind of people we are, you’re a lion and things like ‘Down by the River’ from Morgan Heritage and ‘Rock Away’ by Beres Hammond. There is never going to be another party like the party in Progresso on Sunday. Every Belizean needs to come out.”

Smith’s new album is called Country Mile. The Beach Bash was organized by the Progresso Progressive Tourism Committee.

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