Don't get this wrong, I am very into protecting the reef. That reef is the main reason we bought on AC. I am printing out the ACCSD membership form as I type this reply.

First, how does a developer get construction materials to a job site that doesn't have roads except on a barge? I assume that the dredging up north, or anywhere, is needed for that reason- to make the channel deep enough to accomodate the barge. Is this a correct assumption or is there another way of moving material to a job site? If it's a necessity, is there a way to do it that is less damaging to the reef? It's the sediment from the dredging that settles on the reef that is the damage we are talking about here, right?

I am ignorant on the subject of dredging and I think a lot of people don't understand it. I see the pictures of that large dredger but I also have seen those big wide hoses in the water that I thought were moving sand also. Are there more types of dredging than the big dredger? Can less damaging ways be used to make the water deep enough for the barges?