At the ACCSD meeting tonight we received a report on the visit made to the island by some government officials last Friday, April 17th. There were a total of seven of them plus the Mayor.

Tropic Air gave two free passes, Seaduced provided a catamaran plus a power boat and I think there was at least one more boat. The officers of ACCSD took them down through the many channels in the area where South Beach is proposed to be built.

THEY WERE SHOCKED that there is no solid land there except for the Mayan site. They were honest enough to state that all they had ever seen were ariel photos and it looked like solid land to them.

Tonight I learned that there are actually seven channels running through this area. The law states that 66’ from the water line in all areas is “The Queens Way.” They laughed and said there is nothing that is more than 66’ away from a water line. The committee was assured that this area will not be allowed to be dredged and filled.

Also, as a result, they are going to recommend to GOB that in the future before any approval is given that an on site inspection be made. They thanked the committee and commended them for their fine work.

I asked that we request the newspapers to put a box at the bottom on every article that they run showing the still necessary steps that have to be taken before any development can be started. My reason is that too many people read where “South Beach has been approved” and don’t realize that is only one of many approvals needed.

The committee will have a stand at Central Park on Sunday giving out information, taking memberships, selling placards, bumper stickers and T-Shirts. They also have the beverage concession. So, everyone come out and have a good time. You do make a difference.

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