There was a time when we heard the fire engine and thought “oh, it’s just a false alarm”, but for the past few months hearing the fire engine meant a house fire, property, bush fire or even a boat fire. The Fire Department has had its hands full for the past four months receiving quite a number of fire calls.

Mr. Miguel Medina, acting Fire Chief of the San Pedro Fire Department, mentioned that they have had a total of 31 fire calls between the months of January and April, which include; 10 House Fires, 10 Bush Fires, 4 Garbage Fires, 1 Lamppost Fire, 1 LPG (Butane) Leakage, 1 Boat Fire and 5 False Alarms.

“Just in the month of April, we have responded to four house fires,” commented Mr. Medina. “And we are expecting for this number of fire calls to increase as the dry season approaches, we ask residents to be extra careful as to what they do at home so as to prevent such disasters.”

The fire department provides weekly tips with vital information in case of a fire emergency as well as what to do and how to act in case of a fire. It is extremely important to know the fire department’s phone number 226-2372, and to call them directly and provide proper information as to who is calling, address, what is being burnt and to what extent the fire is so that the fire department can respond accordingly. Remember to report a fire in San Pedro call 226-2372 instead of 911.

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