On Sunday, April 18, at around 3:00 p.m. an American Registered yacht named “Kasevve” docked at the Caribeña Gas Station on the front side to re-fuel. The boat belongs to Mr. Alfonso Rodgriquez of Honduras and the boat captain was one Mr. Deston Leserra.

According to reports after they had re-fueled they went to eat in a nearby restaurant when dock masters of Amigos del Mar saw that smoke was coming out of the boat. The owners of the boat were quickly located and informed of what was happening and they removed the yacht from the dock so as to prevent a catastrophe.

As the boat was removed from the dock the engine stopped and the small fire which was coming from the engine compartment was put out. The yacht received smoke damage in the cabin and the engine was completely damaged.

Fire department personnel checked the boat and found that the fire was caused by an electric problem with a light bulb in the engine cabin. Owner of the boat reported a loss of $600,000 US on the boat and according to boat Captain, Mr. Leserra, they had just purchased the boat in Miami and they were on their way to Honduras.

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