The reason this project has united so many is that it is so outrageous a project. It is not going to be built on wet lands; the truth is there isnít much dry land there at all. On top of that it is adjacent to a very sensitive reserve. If built to full potential it would probably permanently change the character of the Island. These ďotherĒ smaller projects that people complain about may be wrong but donít have any way near the potential for harm that South Beach does in my opinion. I took a good look at it from the air a few months ago and I just couldnít believe what was planned there. I canít even fathom the transportation problem to move the people back and forth from Belize City.

sj, I would like to believe that this project could never get off the ground in the US. In my neck of the woods you would have a problem if they found one plant that was considered wet land vegetation growing on it never mind what you have here.

Formerly from somewhere on a beach in Belize