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These “other” smaller projects that people complain about may be wrong but don’t have any way near the potential for harm that South Beach does in my opinion. I took a good look at it from the air a few months ago and I just couldn’t believe what was planned there. I can’t even fathom the transportation problem to move the people back and forth from Belize City.

Why do you say these other projects are smaller?


How many acres of mangrove swamp do you think has to be destroyed to create an 18 hole golf course? How much seabed dug up to create a "luxury yacht marina"?

Both of these appear in the original "master plan" for this development. In fairness, the new web site recently posted does not advertise these. I don't know if the developer has abandoned these plans or is just chosing not to advertise them right now.

I'm not defending South Beach. I think it's a bad idea also but it gets sooooooo much more negative press than any other development when in reality there is little difference between it and some of the other proposed developments.

Many times the increased traffic to the island is cited as one of the big negative effects but any further development is going to do that. Allowing 100 developers to build 10 condos each is no different than a single developer building 1,000 units.

I just think that the laws of supply and demand will dominate the development on the island. As long as there is a demand there will be further development.

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