My family traveled to Corozal Town in February (7 nights) with no reservations in place as we were not sure where to stay. We went to the Corozal Bay Resort to look it over before committing. Definitely a great place to stay. We were lucky and got cabanas 9 and 10 as they have joining doors (every other room in the resort was occupied). With the doors open, it felt like a small apartment. At night we closed the doors for privacy. The teens enjoyed the pool. My wife and I hung out on the sandy waterfront area and read and relaxed. When it got too hot it was time for a dip in the clean cool pool and a cold Belikin. The food was excellent and we gorged on lobster. We tried lobster head/leg meat for the first time. (owners recommendation) It is the lobster meat that comes out of the head and legs. Just as good as the tail but you get more lobster for the money. The made from scratch lobster pizza was the best. On the weekend it was really busy at the restaurant and bar area. It seemed like all the locals came out to have a good time. We read about the restrooms in a previous post but are happy to report that brand new clean modern restrooms have been built.
We recommend you stay with Corozal Bay Resort when you get to the Corozal area.