ASMOOCH: We stayed at Caribe Island for the past 2 years. We love it there. We chose it because it was farther from town, yet we could hope a taxi up there really easy. The staff is super! The rooms, spacious and comfotable with A/C. You will love it!

SEASHELL: On our last trip, a month ago, we spent time in the jungle and headed over to Banana Bank for a trip horseback riding. The Carr's do run a lovely place there. They can offer you other day trips that you cna do in that area. I know cave tubing was mentioned, but they can also offer you any trips that Ian Anderson's Cave's Branch offers. (And that I HIGHLY reccommend!) If you do choose to stay at Banana Bank, their grounds are just gorgeous adn I am sure you would have a wonderful time, there is so much wildlife all around you.