Please read the last blog under "The Tropics Hotel". It will tell you that I am telling the truth. Ramon Reyes the owner of The Tropics Hotel finally responded to my blog and indirectly admitted the he refuse to give us a fair refund of our money after we informed him that our room was unsecured and someone had entered. The following day in the presence of the police, Ramon identified the person as an employee but we do not know if he was telling the truth. When I started this blog, I expected that those who read it would offer their opinion and some would question the validity of my situation. What I didn't expect was for Ramon Reyes to validate my story as he did in his response. Although he accused me of lying, he admitted that #1. a person, unindentified at the time of the incident, entered our room without knocking or identifying themself. #2. The other room he offered was inadequate since it did not have air condition. A/C is very necessary in a tropical climate. #3. He also admitted that his hotel had water pump problems which leads to water shut off for 24 or more hours which makes it inadequate. #4. the junior suite we reserved is not on the main hotel site (Ramon states this on his website). It is located 15mins. walking distance away to the south end of the island next to his father's hotel Tropic Paradise and just outside the old cemetary site. Ramon Reyes knows that I am telling the truth. He has admitted to all the claims I have made in his blog. He also is aware that for two weeks prior to reserving the room, he and I were communicating by email. Yet, he never once told all the truth about the location of his hotel's junior suite (except for what he has on the website). He was quite aware that I wanted a room with a sea view and I know he couldn't think that I would have been happy to look out my hotel window and see an old poorly kept cemetary. PLEASE, THIS WAS OUR VACATION! Ramon neglected to give me all the information about the location because he know that I would not have reserved that room. When someone withhold vital information, it is considered lying. Ramon Reyes, may you reap all the seeds you have sowed.