10 for us.

kerry, kc, carbie (and all our island friends) - SEE YOU SOON GUYS!!

we've gone roughly every 3 months since 2/07, (i was there 4 times prior - first in '93) for stress reduction, mental rejuvenation & romantic reasons, sometimes trying to schedule to see friends, sometimes to hang with expat friends, mostly just to chill with a view of the reef.(did u read any of my long-winded, eternally unfinished trip reports?)

we like may/june, and like august too. its good n hot, the snorkeling is easy (calm & clear) and the island is quiet. feb's ok but high season pricey, nov was pretty but my husband thought it was a bit chilly, march was nice but kinda windy (not so good for snorkeling).

we did placencia may '07, and got married off the coast. i've stayed in cayo 3 times and love it. i gotta get in the jungle every few years.

this trip is # 14 for me! cool