Hello, I am looking for a promotions assistant for approximately 25-40 hours a week. The interested candidate would need to have an excellent grasp of the English language, a reliable computer with internet, Word and Excel programs, and be quite computer literate. An appreciation for all types of music (mainstream pop, rock, country, world, jazz etc.) would be beneficial. You would need a designated phone that would be used for business only and/or Skype since long distance calls would be necessary. The job entails calling from one end of the country in North America to the other throughout the day and following up with email, so organization and a great phone voice is key. You could be doing from 50-100 calls/emails a day. I prefer to hire outside the country for various reasons, and Belize is at the top of my list since I travel back and forth often and will be opening an office there as well at some point in the future. Please PM me if interested. Serious inquiries only, as I hope to make this a long term position.