Trip Report:

Staying with the dive crew up north for the first part of the week...local food, and plenty of reading

Friday …Brought down some Ribs and Whiskey, much to the delight of my local friends

Saturday…a couple of dives, and some fish and conch for dinner

Sunday…Sun Up and F1 on hand in SP

Monday…lazy day

Tuesday..2 dives and more fishing: Picked up 4x4 in town and rode back up north. Beach BBQ for some Texan clients

Wednesday ….Lazy day and dinner with the Texans…drunken chicken…..excellent

Thursday…Dive @ Hol Chan and then lunch in Caye Caulker

Friday….Thanks Jason for the jump start! Back into town for the night. Meeting KC and Laura this evening, and a boat ride north after a night in the bar makes no sense, as I’m heading to Placencia tomorrow. New rooms are great value and the Olympical sized pool felt wonderful … cool, refreshing and no salt!

Met KC @ BCs and drank several Belikins before heading to Lime for Curry tasting and general socializing. TQ showed up with a cute friend who didn’t know who any of us were, so we all instantly became rich and single, but only for a moment. As all who know and love her can attest, TQ is ever an opportunist and pondered if I would be buying them drinks all night. When I declined her kind offer declaring that the window of opportunity between them drinking enough to find me witty and attractive and puking in the sand was so small that I could miss it entirely while watching a Stanly Cup highlight, I swear I saw KC blow Belikin out of his nose.

We headed to Pinocchio’s for dinner later and bumped into Jesse: the look of pure delight on his face at getting to meet me at last was less than sincere.

Pedro's was pretty quiet later and rather than the usual dismissive comment, Peter was very verbose and shared his solutions to many of the worlds problems with me...yes, he was shit faced smile

Saturday….Placencia: had lunch at Wendy’s and took care of some business early, then to Seakunga for drinks and dinner with AJ, and a very pleasant evening. 2 Canadians, and Indian/Canadian, a Brit, a Brit/American ,a Peruvian, a Dutch lady and a Coloradan eating Indian food and Pizza with Belikins

Sunday…monsoon rain, and I was the only one on the 1 pm flight so I decided to get out early on the 10am…American to Dallas delayed until 5.50! I’m never early for anything and I get to spend 7 hours at Goldson, but Mrs Pug and Bruce were both waiting with big wet kisses when I got home

The End…… of any details I am about to share wink

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