Don't panic! I was very worried about bugs before my first trip to AC last month, and let's just say I overreacted. Because I am a mosquito magnet I was concerned about malaria and other bug diseases. I bought 3 cans of DEET, 2 very expensive tubes of Ultrathon, a larger tube of Sawyer controlled release DEET, Permethrin spray for clothing, Skin-so-soft and 2 pocket sized cans of DEET for traveling. Yes, I went a little overboard.In 10 days on AC the only thin we used was about 1/2 a can of 29%DEET(Repel brand from Wal-mart)

By day there were no bugs. By night the nice breeze always helped keep the bugs away. There were mossies and noseeums but not bad. No worse then summer in your backyard. We used a light spray of DEET before heading out in the evening and were fine. The special military stregth stuff I'm sure works fine but is only necessary for long term exposure to bugs. For the few hours we were out each eve regular stuff was OK. I got one mosquito bite on my hand and my wife got a bunch of noseeum bites on her legs the fist night when she didn't use spray.
I just finished returning all the stuff I didn't use on the trip. The 2 0z pocket size DEET spray(also from wal-mart) are handy.
Don't worry!
Have fun!