Hello all
I am a student taking a break from school around April and am looking to moving to Belize and possibly Ambergris Caye for 3-6 months. I stayed in Belize for a few months when I was younger and have been wanting to go back for some time. I am currently looking for a 3 month lease that is around $350-$500 a month. I have enough money to live off of for about 2 months with out a job there but am wondering how hard it will be once I am in Ambergris Caye to find a part time job to keep me busy and make some extra money. I am very good with computers and could be a great help in any buisness who needs computer help. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to help me out it would be great. Please E-MAIL ME YOUR reply if at all possible at [email protected]

look forward to hearing from you all
CC Travis