My husband and I just returned from another wonderful trip to Ambergris Caye. We first visited in 2007, for our honeymoon…but were sadly and abruptly interrupted by Hurricane Dean. Two years later, we were back!

We arrived at BZE after an uneventful journey and had decided to fly to San Pedro via the municipal airstrip-we weren’t in a hurry and would rather spend the money on Belikins! We ended up taking a tiny 6 seater from municipal back to the BZE, in order to switch to a larger plane and pick up more passengers. It only added about 5-10 minutes, and it gave us both the chance to sit next to the pilots-I felt very brave! The flights were beautiful as always, and we truly enjoyed the view. After the short flights we took a boat to Belizean Shores where we were met and brought to our room.

On our first trip to Ambergris Caye we stayed at and loved Victoria House. However, this time we wanted to check out the Northern part of the island, which led us to Belizean Shores (BS). Our room, which was really a 1 bedroom + loft condo, was larger than expected and fit all of our needs. We weren’t interested in cooking in the fully outfitted kitchen, but it was nice to have the fridge for pineapple juice (for panty rippers!) and Belikins. The resort was well cared for and the pool and pool bar were both nice, as we had read. BS definitely wasn’t as luxurious or fancy as Victoria House, but we hadn’t expected it to be.

On our first full day, we rented bikes from BS and road the well-worn path on the beach South, into town. We both enjoyed the ride-checking out the different hotels, private homes, and of course that beautiful sea. We picked up some beers and mangoes in town and then headed North. On the way back we were so excited to stop at our favorite spot, the Palapa bar. We enjoyed a few drinks, the conch fritters, and that amazing view. I think we could both sit there forever! We continued our ride North and went a little ways past BS, to check out the other resorts. Las Terrasazas looks gorgeous, but totally dead-not a soul around. For dinner that night we took the Island Ferry down to Mangoes, which we loved.

On Tuesday we went on a fishing/snorkeling/barbecuing trip, which BS set up. There were only 4 couples on the trip which was nice and made it feel more personal. Sadly the fishing was pretty pathetic-we stayed within the reef. My husband was frustrated, because the last time we were in Ambergris Caye we went fishing beyond the reef and were amazed at all of the huge fish we caught. That was not the case on Tuesday-I didn’t catch one fish! Ah well, I was more excited about the snorkeling anyway. After catching enough fish for the barbecue, we went snorkeling at Mexico Rocks. The coral was beautiful, as were the fish. We saw a ton of sting rays-some were absolutely gigantic! Unfortunately, my Irish husband and my freckly self got friiiiied in the sun, even while wearing SPF 50! As he said, the Irish should stick to the rainy, cold weather. Anyway, our guides barbecued us up a delicious lunch which was really fantastic. When we arrived back at our hotel our burns slowly came to life and after a few rum punches (bad idea after a day in the sun!) and lathering ourselves with aloe, we went to bed early.

I'll finish our story tomorrow...