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I donít think the chronology of the increase in numbers and subsequent decline of bison numbers is supported by the globalization theory. Early explores i.e.: Lewis & Clark et al. reported huge numbers of bisons. This is prior to the Native Americans being exposed to European diseases. The dramatic decline in bison numbers occurred when the white man began the wholesale slaughter for the hides.
Although, I guess the decline could be attributed to "globalization" but the increase in numbers does not support that theory if it is suggested to be caused by the decline in numbers of the Amerindians.

I agree. And my point, after pointing out that humans had only been around a while to "control" the buffalo population (they didn't, too many buffs, too few humans), is that if the smallpox/buff herds connection was fact, then the argument can be made that "globalization" has been going on throughout human history.

I hope that someday we can put aside our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.