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LOL jane that was definitely off subject! so now you are the devil's advocate and the bees' advocate smile

I'm a bit confused though. surely you did not intend to infer that either the bees or the Israeli company who is drumming up this bee vaccine fiasco 'gave us' arabic numerals, math and the abacus? Maybe i'm wrong but from what i can recall from 5th grade history class, the ancient Greeks invented the abacus, math was first used in Mesopotamia (Babylon), Greece and Egypt, and arabic numerals were first devised by the Persians.

She was trying to defend against my assertion that Israelis (all 7 million of them) have made many truly great scientific discoveries in a few decades while those of the Islam/kill the Jews persuasion (billions of them) have contributed nothing but death and suffering but they sure treat women well, don't they?

Trouble is, she was wrong. Even if she had been right, things done centuries ago don't count. They weren't yet barbarians then, but have become so lately.

I hope that someday we can put aside our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.