The junior suites are on the first floor and have air conditioning. While we were there, what with the constant on shore breeze and ceiling fans we saw no need for the air conditioning. But, from what I have heard a little later in the year when the trade winds drop out the air conditioning is a good choice.

Yes, I would urge you to use the Hotel to book your tours, while I would not normally do this, Ana and her crew have our complete trust and confidence. Each tour we took was great, while we may have know where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do we had no idea as to who was good or bad as far as a guide and equipment, they on the other hand do.

One other thing that we found to be a big help was that the hotel will change your money US to Blz or Travelers Checks to Blz for no charge. Doesn't sound like much but it saves going into town to a bank ( they do charge ) and its right there for you.

Have fun on your trip - we are looking forward to next year already!