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The Boca Del Rio now has a wonderful playground system for all the children of San Pedro to enjoy, and the Holy Cross Anglican School was delighted to donate this wonderful slide system to the Town of San Pedro.

Holy Cross received the playground equipment last year from generous donors, spearheaded by Ed and Sandy Settle, in the States. The original plan was to erect the slide in the school compound as part of a new playground. But landfill long promised by a local developer, did not materialize and the playground area is still underwater.

The next best place for the playground equipment was quickly identified as Boca del Rio Park and with leadership from Deputy Mayor, Nesto Gomez and assistance from Town Council, staff and volunteers were able to erect the slide in a few days - much to the delight of local children!

A dedication and blessing of the new slide was held on Sunday, July 27, at 2:00 p.m. where Rev. Dr. Julie Bryant from Church of the Transfiguration in Arcadia, California offered the prayers and Deputy Mayor Gomez had the honors to cut the ribbon. Children immediately swarmed onto the slide and gales of laughter filled the Park.

Ambergris Today takes this opportunity to thank the Holy Cross Anglican School on behalf of the community of San Pedro for such kind donation.

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First Caribbean Bank, “Adopt-A-Cause” Program

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On Saturday, July 25, six employees of First Caribbean Bank put on their work clothes and arrived at Holy Cross Anglican School. As part of their “Adopt-A-Cause” Program, First Caribbean donated $2,000 to the school to purchase lumber for much needed walkways around the Upper Division classrooms. The folks from First Caribbean arrived early on Saturday and began nailing the boards for the walkway. After eight hours of hot, tiring labor almost 300 boards had been positioned and the walkway was nearly completed.

Many thanks to First Caribbean Bank and their community minded employees: Wayne Leonardo, Viviana Cob, Daniel Castillo, Marcia Nuñez, Justin Nicholas and Justin Nicholas, Jr.

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