I got this in an email today. More Remax retoric
Greetings from Belize!
It has been just 6 weeks since we launched the website www.grandbelizeanestates.net and sales campaign for the newest subdivision on Ambergris Caye - Grand Belizean Estates. We knew from living here as long as we have, that the response would be really positive....we just didn't expect the response and the resultant sales to be so overwhelming!
The 60' x 75' (minimum size) lots, introductory priced from $7,425 - $9,925 US, are selling very quickly and there have been 356 lots sold to date. At this rate, we will hit our target of selling all 1200 lots in the subdivision within 6 months. The Lands Dept. in Belmopan is taking a little longer issuing Deeds of Conveyance, not that the sales volume has gotten so high, so rather than the 7-10 days it was taking to get the titles back, you should now plan on 14-21 days from here on out.
Since many of you have bought "sight Unseen" I've attached some links to YouTube video clips that we took just a few weeks ago so you can get an idea of what the subdivision looks like in its raw state. I've also got a lot more news and details for you in the attached PDF document, including very time sensitive information about an upcoming price increase in 11 more days.

1200 lots, 1200 tolets flushing, thats a lot of #$%* . A whole lot of #$%* !
All of this seems to be doesn't it.

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