Following up on last summer's efforts towards a conference on providing real 24 hour emergency care in san pedro (I made it down but it wasn't "en vogue" then.. but I had a great time with my family including my 6 month old who loves Belize)... we remain dedicated to continuting to improving the standard of emergency care in San Pedro.

From November 3-10, I, Dr. John Giilis and my colleague and founder of Bandage, Advaned Care Paramedic Darryl Chickness will be in San Pedro. This marks our 11th medical teaching trip in Belize.

We will be running a course on basic first aid/cpr and if there is interest an advanced course during our time in San Pedro.

We welcome your thoughts and interest in particpating in these courses and in making something real happen that makes a difference for locals and tourists on a go forward basis.

As we all know, interest peaks when something bad happens and fades afterwards.. the courage is in preparation and in actually changing what goes on. The efforts many in the area have made are amazing and we hope we can continue to work together toward a common goal.


Doc John