I have an AT&T phone and it works fine in Belize. Unfortunately, even with their international roaming the cost is $2.49us a minute. Its much cheaper to buy an unlocked phone as others have suggested ( goggle unlocked phones). I've bought 6 from J&R Music over the past few years. The last one I just bought and I got it in 2 days via UPS ground. Prices for phones vary depending on style. Buy a SIM card in Belize and your good to go. It is much cheaper to call the States with that phone than your regular phone, I think its $.25us per minute. The only time I use the US phone is to see if I have messages otherwise I just keep it turned off.I retrieve messages with the Belize phone. I know Verizon doesn't work in Belize and I don't think Sprinit does either, I'm pretty sure that T-Mobile does. The phone needs to be using the GSM system same as that used in Europe.

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