Peter, I do have a phone I purchased in Belize, locally in San Pedro. On my last visit, which was six months after originally buying the phone, it would not work. I can't remember the problem, however it seemed my sim card did expire. I can't recal what the rep said at the phone store. I ended up using a friends.

So.. to make a long story short, can I have that old sim card reactivated? It has been about a year now. It is a nice phone, and it did work on the island since I purchased it in SP. I guess it is cheapest to just use this to call the States and not have an international phone. This way I can use my other cell when I am in the States. It is a cheap Net 10 phone. Having two phones is not a problem. I just need to know if I can get my SP purchased phone reactivated without buying a new sim card. Last two times I was there there were no cards available.