Dear Members

Here are the minutes/main points from Meeting Wednesday October 7th at the Lions Den. start 5.30pm

ACCSD has received its Belize NGO status. E-Law have promised financial and legal assistance to apply for our US NGO status which will enable US residents to give us donations which are tax deductible.

Grand Belizean Estates was served with an injunction to stop the building of the E/W road. The final court date and hearing was rescheduled for November to allow Grand Belizean Estates time reply to the injunction

ELaw visit
Elaw - - The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) works in 60 countries worldwide through citizens groups, lawyers and scientist giving them the training and resources they need to help protect the environment through law.
Lori and Maria from ELaw visited San Pedro for three days to view first hand the challenges faced by the island and to meet with the ACCSD committee. The visit included several meetings focusing on the achievements, development, goals and visions of the ACCSD. Where it is now and how to change to meet and overcome future challenges.
ELAW have further promised a grant of $30,000bz, as well as scientific and legal help The committee is currently formulating a plan for how to best use this grant.

Master Plan: Coastal zone is still working on the masterplan although they have again missed several of their deadlines. several members voiced their frustration at the lack of movement, capability of Coastal zone and the lack of leadership from the town board. Eco-works from Belmopan have offered to complete the initial plan for the town core and south for no money down. Once it is complete they will apply for grants to pay for the work they have done. It was suggested by a member that the first step should be to get the existing Master plan made into law then allow the newer versions to be updates. The committee to look into this to see if it is possible.

Green Fair - the date was set for Saturday 14th November. Several people volunteered for the organizing committee. If any other members are interested please contact Rebecca at Seaduced.

During the open discussion one member highlighted the large development in the Sweet Basil area. A repeat visitor to the island who has experience working with MasterPlans offered his assistance to more the process forward.

finish 6.55pm

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