Carosse de diligence

Life in Belize is much different than life in Canada, the US or Europe.
It has it’s own unique set of challenges, as well as rewards.

Some very Good advice that you will see repeated on this site is,
“Come Down for an extended visit before you move.”.

Although vacationing in Belize is much different than living in Belize, you can get a better "feel of the place" in person.

You will also find people much more forthcoming in person, than on any “open chat line”.
Talk to as many ex-pats as you can (in person).
But watch out for “Pirates”, and don’t spill all your beans!

For now, you may want to start by looking in the “Living In Belize” area of the Forum.
Locals will discuss everything from Electric Bills & Power Outages, to Social Functions.

Investigate other web sites as well.