Just for the record.
Grand Belizean Estates is a new subdivision that will be served by a new town road being built by the San Pedro Town Council, connecting Mata Grande with the Colonia San Diego area.
This is a San Pedro Town Council project, so serving an injunction on one of the subdivisions served by this road, Grand Belizean Estates, is misguided at best.

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The property owners in the subdivisions of Ambergris Bay, Colonia San Diego Phase I and Colonia San Diego Phase II, have long sought access to their properties. Many Belizeans have owned these properties since these lands were first subdivided by government in 2002. The Town’s road plan #12039 showing a road linking Mata Grande to the Colonia San Diego area not only allows access to over 1,000 properties in these already existent subdivisions, but also to the new subdivision of Grand Belizean Estates.

The property owners in these existing subdivisions are now being provided long-awaited and much-needed access to their properties. In many cases they have waited patiently for 7 long years.

The Town Council's road plans were formulated with the involvement of hydrologic engineers, civil engineers and other 3rd parties to ensure that the road was designed and built in the most environmentally conscientious manner possible. I am not a professional hydrologist, but I appreciate the fact that a hydrologist was instrumental in the design of the culverts and the bridge to be constructed to minimize any environmental impact on the ingress and egress of tidal flow.

Ultimately, the question needs to be asked....would the members of ACCSD prefer that the Town Council NOT provide much-needed and long-awaited road access to over 2,000 property owners, the vast majority of whom are Belizean and simply want access to their lands?

Let's review the facts:

The Mata Grande Road Project is a San Pedro Town Council project.

The Mata Grande Road Project will provide road access to over 2,000 property owners in(east to west) Ambergris Bay, Colonia San Diego Phase I, Grand Belizean Estates, and Colonia San Diego Phase II.

San Pedro Town Council is responsible for construction of the road, and the selection, hiring, and supervision of the road contractors for the construction.

Grand Belizean Estates and its developer are NOT building the Mata Grande Road Project.

To serve an injunction against Grand Belizean Estates for the Mata Grande Road Project, is blatantly wrong. It takes very little effort and fact checking to find out that it is a San Pedro Town Council project.

It doesn't take a hydrologic engineer to know that the injunction will be dismissed because Grande Belizean Estates is not building the road.

ACCSD knows this is a Town Board project, so it begs the question why they would serve an injunction against an innocent 3rd party, rather than the Town Board itself? Easy target?

Forget Grand Belizean Estates for one moment, and answer this... What reason do you offer the property owners of Ambergris Bay, Colonia San Diego Phase I, and Colonia San Diego Phase II as to why they should be denied access to their properties? Since they make up 1,000+ constituents of the San Pedro Town Council, does it not make sense that the SPTC would like to see access provided to their properties? They should be commended for doing just that.

ACCSD represents a noble and worthy cause, and stands poised to grown in stature and significance on the island. But doing so will require a cooperative resolve to work with the Town Council and developers to make forward progress, rather than initiating and pursuing an intentionally misguided injunction.

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