I appologize if this has been addressed already, but...why not just buy a cheap phone in San Pedro and let it expire whan you leave and sign up again when you come back? I have a freind that looks after our phones when we leave for the summer and I buy a bunch of $2.00 phone cards so he can fire them up every 89 (they expire after 90 days) days. It is very cheap and with my freind looking after my phones I don't loose my number. I do email him and tell him to put a card in when it is due. Plus, every one back home has my Belizean numbers so I am never out of touch. I used to use a GSM phone but it was costing me $150.00 US every month that I was there. That is a WHACK more than buying a phone in Belize. We have bought 2 new phones so I even have a cheaper Smart phone that I can give you if you want it?