Yes, extremely interesting. I hadn't realised Ashcroft was still involved with the Conservative Party.

The PM is between a rock and a hard place on this. What he wants is for BTL to operate acceptable business practices, and his hand has only been forced by their obdurate refusal to do so. But Ashcroft (and other powerful and wealthy men of his ilk) is a master of obfuscation, and if the British Parliament can't unravel his enterprises - they have tried and failed - then Mr Barrow doesn't stand a chance. Perhaps in British eyes he isn't the PM of a sovereign nation, but merely the Chief Officer of an enterprise that is smaller than many English country towns?

There is one important principle though that Mr Barrow seems to be relying on (I hope he is) which used to be regarded as paramount in the UK but whose significance has been greatly degraded since Britain joined the EU - especially so under the "New Labour" administration - which is that no Parliament can bind any future Parliament. This used to be a fundamental principle in Britain and which set us apart from the "Roman" administrations on the continent of Europe, but one which the EU is set on destroying. Mr Ashcroft would prefer that the principle didn't exist at all, so that when his cronies are in power they can enter into all sorts of absurd committments that a later Belizean government can't escape.

The country of Belize has a great deal to lose if Mr Barrow fails.