Hello All -

My fiance and I are coming to Ambergris Caye on our Honeymoon November 15th - November 20th. We are sooo excited! We've had two other couples we are friends with that also honeymooned on Ambergris Caye and they gave us a few tips/suggestions. I was hoping that some of you "in the know" could let me know whats in store for me...we are staying at Blue Reef Island Resort (knowing that it is quite a distance from town - one of the reasons we chose it) and are definitely going to try and snorkle, maybe fish. We don't have much interest in scuba diving. We love to eat good food and have good drinks - live music is a plus. Restaurant/bar suggestions would be much appreciated!!

I've been monitoring the weather down there...I'm a little nervous about that !!! Am I going to be in rain gear all week???

Thanks in advance for any help...can't wait to get down there!!!