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The Garifuna Council of San Pedro has announced its schedule of events for 2009 Garifuna Settlement Day. Gaven saw these guys drumming at Central Park and could not resist joining in on the fun.

San Pedro National Garifuna Council Calendar of Events 2009

- Friday November 13th, 2009:
*All day Huduth Sale @ 11:00am to 6:00pm
*Cultural Foods fundraising, Cultural Drumming

-Saturday November 14th, 2009:
*Uraga Night / Garifuna king @ 7:00pm
*Story telling night
*The Mr. Garifuna Competition at the Lions Den

-Sunday November 15th, Monday November 16th 2009:
*Garifuna Awareness day @ 10:00am to 5:00 pm
*Cultural Garifuna Exhibition
*Drumming at Central Park Palapa

- Tuesday November 17th, 2009:
*School Talent Show @ 7:00pm
*Cultural talent show at the Lions Den

- Wednesday November 18, 2009:
*Battle of the Drums / all night drumming. @ 7:00pm
*Cultural night Show at central park
*Jankunu Dancers from Dangriga
*Live band Punta rock music

- Thursday November 19th, 2009:
*Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations / Award ceremonies @ 2:00 pm
*The reenactment of the Garinagu, arriving to Belize @ 6:00 am
*Cultural Parade around San Pedro Town
*Live Band Punta rock music
*Cultural Activities at the Central Park

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