Sealife ECOShot accessories

Last year I bought a Sealife ECOShot that had a sensor go bad. It would have cost as much to fix it as it would to replace it. So I did like any good photophile would do, I went bigger and better. LOL

So now I have everything that was in the kit when I bought the camera except the camera. It's at the importers. I have the paper manual, Sealife Digital Camera Software CD, wrist strap, cable, extra seal, flash deflector, cable to link the camera to a computer.

And.......Sealife mini wide angle lens, soft lens cover w/soft case and instruction manual. Been used exactly twice. It's my understanding that this wide angle will only fit the Reefmaster Mini/SL320 and the ECOShot/SL321.

Make me an offer I can't refuse. grin

This is located in the Dallas Texas area.