Everyone was in the QUE VIVA SAN PEDRO mood as we all joined gleefully in celebrating the silver anniversary (25 Years) of San Pedro Town. Hundreds of people lined on the streets and at their verandas shouted “Que Viva San Pedro” and applauded the Mayor and old and new town councilors who waved and applauded along the parade.

Five of the original town councilors and founders of Township joined in the parade to celebrate the fruits of their vision and courage twenty five years ago. Very symbolically, the present town council also paraded and sounded the same sentiments of “Long Live San Pedro” acknowledging the good works of the past and promising to keep that progress alive.

And behind them, hundreds of school children, teachers and friends kept applauding the birth of San Pedro Town, the accomplishments of the town under its new status and jubilant of the fact that San Pedro is moving onwards in a positive manner.

Very outstanding in the parade and in the ceremony is the fact that the original people of the Island, the Mestizo population, was out in full force as if Township was a celebration of the Mestizos. All the floats depicted the culture and efforts of the Mestizo people in building this community from the beginning of the past century up until today.

The shouts and accolades of “Que Viva San Pedro” continued throughout the night at the Saca Chispas Field where the Mayor and Area Representative paid homage to the first mayor, Chico Gomez, and town council, as well as all past councilors who have contributed to the development and success of San Pedro under its township status.

Many other village leaders and government officials were honored with special mention and certificates of appreciation and throughout the night. The San Pedro Dance Company did a splendid job with its Mestizo cultural dances as was the stage decoration depicting a Mestizo fishing community. During the celebration, Mayor Paz also officially unveiled the official flag of San Pedro Town.

Thumbs up to the organizers for a fabulous celebration! Kudos to the people of San Pedro (the Sanpedranos) who came out in full force! High five to the school children and teachers who celebrated the works of their forefathers, the courage of our village leaders and the vision of our founders.

San Pedro is the youngest of all seven towns in Belize, but undoubtedly the one of the strongest and with the biggest heart. Certainly “Que Viva San Pedro” was duly deserved.

Ambergris Today