Yacht runs aground on barrier reef

[Linked Image] The owners of the WesterHaven, the cargo ship that ran aground on the reef near Caye Glory may end up paying millions for damages. Closing arguments in that case were heard in front of Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh last week. But the cost of litigation has not deterred owners of vessels from being more careful as they maneuver through Belizean waters. News Five has received reports that an eighty foot yacht crashed into the reef on Tuesday. According to reports, the foreign owned vessel had seven persons on board as it ran aground between Hunting and Ragged Cayes. There few details available and the Port Authority is not ready to reveal any information about the incident. What we have learned so far is that the yacht, ironically known as the Great Escape, did not escape. In fact, we were told that up to ten this morning, it was still lodged on a portion of the barrier reef. Efforts are underway to remove the Great Escape from the reef.


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