In most parts of the country, people are complaining about the crippling economic condition Belize is struggling to paddle its way out. According to the economic gurus in Belize, it is as a result of a larger global economic recession that larger developed countries are experiencing. Those global conditions are hurting two major industries in Belize, the construction and tourism industries. In fact hoteliers, restaurants owners and even local vendors are claiming that this season seems to be the worst tourism season they have seen in years.

    One occasion that those in the tourism industry look forward to is the arrivals for the Thanksgiving weekend. The San Pedro Sun decided to take look at the official number of arrivals registered at the Phillip SW Goldson International Airport for the week leading to Thanksgiving Day (November 19th to the 28th). According to the Department of Civil Aviation, arrivals at International Airport from outside the country were 5,072 people. The Department of Civil Aviation further indicated that some 2,442 passengers boarded local airlines (Tropic Air/Maya Island Air and private airlines) to other local destinations. How many of those tourists arrived on the island? A representative from Tropic Air stated that registered flights to Ambergris Caye alone show that a little over 900 passengers came to the island from the International Airport. A Maya Island Air representative explained that from the 24th to the 28th of November alone they registered almost 600 passengers from the International Airport to Ambergris Caye.

    The Department of Civil Aviation says that figures registered this year are less than those recorded last year representing a downfall in arrival for the same period. According to the Department of Civil Aviation comparing those figures to other periods this year, the numbers are slightly growing. There is hope that arrivals during the Christmas holidays will be better than Thanksgiving. The Civil Aviation Department stated that US Airways has restarted flying to Belize and Continental Airlines has increased their number of flights to five. American Airlines is also offering cheaper flights to Belize from at least nine destinations in the US, those prices ranges from US $149 to US $189 and are for one way tickets. Skyservice Airline on the other hand, has also announced that starting December 16th, they will start a weekly direct flight from Toronto City in Canada to Belize.

San Pedro Sun