for Nov. 2009

Surrenders: 64 cats and dogs plus one bird

Adoptions: 18 animals

Euthanize: 33 animals and one bird

Animals in Saga Humane Society:
Dogs; 10 adults, 18 puppies
Cats; 16 adults, 19 kittens
Turtle; 1 recovering
Total animals: 63 animals and 1 turtle

Free charged: 45 animals for dewormer, consult and medications

Vaccinate : 40 Saga Animals

Heart worm and Flea Prevention: 40 Saga Animals

Spay/Neuter Program: 33 animals, 26 for free, 7 paid for

Patrols for abused, neglected or abandon animals: 8 patrols

Saga Humane Society is a non-profit both in Belize and the United States and exists totally on donations, fund raising and grants. Saga Humane Society is closed on Sunday and Monday and opened Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 9 am till noon. Please call 226-3266 for more information.