Think on your feet and test your wit, Dancing Toucan invites you for their Trivia Night which is held every Monday deep inside Coconuts Hotel. From culture, to music, to history, to news items, Trivia will test how much you know about everything. This past Monday, Caye Caulker joined in on the fun battling the best of San Pedro. Between fantastic drinks served, laughter galore, bar tabs are won and trivia supremacy is gained.

Under the management of Nicole Warren and TV Tom, the Dancing Toucan not only provides you with the best cocktail or your most favorite drink but also has a weeklong flurry of activity. On Tuesday and Thursday, join your Toucan friends and join the Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tournament while Wednesday you can join Louie as you dance along to Old Time Rock n’ Roll. Toucan’s parties continue on Fridays with Karaoke – come belt out our tunes, doesn’t matter how out of tune you are. The Toucans will still love you. On Saturdays, Poker continues at 2:00 p.m. and between the hours of 7 – 11:00 p.m. Mista Meaner joins you to rock it out! Sundays bring the family out for the best BBQ and join in the pool fun. Swim as you eat and drink the afternoon away. Enjoy the rays at the Dancing Toucan.

posted by the san pedro sun