Monkey Riverís coastline has been swallowed by erosion and it was rocked by an earthquake in May but tonight there is good news out of the village because for the first time ever Ė residents have electricity. Thatís right Ė tonight villagers can turn on lights, use fans and do all the other stuff we take for granted. The power was turned this afternoon by acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber.

Itís been a long time coming for the village which has been around since 1891 and which became a village back in 1981. Monkey River was once the heart of the banana industry but since then population has dwindled to 200 persons. The village is still battling massive beach erosion which is eating its coastlines.

Monkey River got its power as part of a rural electrification project funded by the European Union. Santa Cruz, San Isidoro, Bladen, Cowpen, and San Pablo will also receive electricity under the project.

Channel 7