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Just a thought, you might have better luck if you reduce your price a bit. Same computer at Best Buy is half your price, again, just a thought. I have also heard there is no customs duty on computers, is this true or false.

I have always thought it terribly unfair that electronic resellers in Belize gouge customers so deeply. Supply and Demand perhaps.

Now you just have to add the cost of a round trip ticket to the nearest Best Buy, or did that one in Belize City open up yet? How much did you pay for your golf cart? You know they sell at Club Car dealers in the U.S. for less than half price what you will pay in Belize.

I realize that most users in the forum probably have access to merchandise in the U.S., either they make frequent trips or have friends that do; so this price probably seems high. But it's actually just under local prices for the same netbook.

This one was brought into Belize and declared and paid duties on. This price is what the HP sells for in the city minus Windows 7 and the simple neoprene case I have for it and shipping via Tropic or a round trip boat ticket.

The Acer's always sell for less and I find that some people love Acer brand devices but most of my customers always have complaints about them. Not shooting down any Acer fan's, just speaking from experience.