In an effort to encourage peace and goodwill among all, I challenge the SAGA staff and Board of Directors to begin referring all medical cases, be they clients or sheltered animals, to the San Pedro Animal Hospital, until such time as SAGA acquires the services of another vet on the island. There is no reason not to send the medical cases to a vet now that there is a nice medical facility on the island.

Perhaps this will be the start of the two organizations working in concert to better serve the animals of San Pedro, and will put an end to the acrimony and other nonsense so that we can all move on to being grateful for the services of both entities for the sake of the animals.

I will be posting a celebratory notice if and when the first animal is referred by SAGA to the vet, instead of being treated by non-vet personnel at SAGA or sent packing to the city or Corozol.